Are U.S. Universities a ripoff compared to CANADIAN Universities?

NBC recently did a story on the increasing number of Americans who are going North to get their post-secondary education in Canada. The main reason being that the tuition costs in Canada were significantly less expensive. Although the NBC report seemed pretty convincing we decided to do a bit more research to find how accurate their story was. Watch both videos and decide for yourself!


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Second Half of the Semester Problems, As Told By Michael Scott

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The second half of the spring semester might just be the hardest time of the school year. Everyone seems to be stuck on vacation mode after Spring Break, the weather is nice, summer is right around the corner, but before you can go enjoy your time outside, you must act as a vampire and complete all your final projects and study endlessly for exams. You might not have the energy to express your emotions but thankfully Michael Scott explains the sentiments of a struggling student perfectly in these gifs.

You have absolutely no motivation to do your schoolwork after tasting the freedom of spring break.


Spring break has left you broke as a joke for the rest of the semester.


Your professors expect you to memorize an entire textbook before final exams.


You thought the semester was going extremely well until all of your professors decided to bombard you with assignments all at once.


You pull multiple all-nighters and practically overdose on caffeine just to get your homework done.


You just pretend your homework doesn’t exist until you literally can’t anymore.


All of your friends are getting into serious relationships but you are still single.

Michael Scott Wedding Gif

Your professors tell you that there won’t be any extra credit opportunities before the semester ends.


All your friends are out having fun and partying when you have a morning class the next day.


When you do finally get to go out, you go a little too hard to make up for lost time.


You and your friends are supposed to be in a study group but you end up just goofing off the whole time instead.


That one annoying student in class reminds the professor that there was homework.


When your professor is still trying to lecture even after your class is supposed to be over.


You realize you only have a few short weeks left until final exams start.


You get a bad grade on an assignment you thought you did well on.


You are almost asleep, but then remember that you had homework due the next morning.


Your classes drag on for what feels like hours when in reality it’s only been a few minutes.


You have multiple assignments and projects that start to all blur together by the end of the semester.


You have essays that you have to completely BS because you have no idea what to write about.


Your parents, family members or advisors ask you about your future plans even though you have no idea what to do.


Your professors lecture you on topics that you won’t be tested on.


You procrastinate on your homework until the very last minute in hopes of finishing it the day before.


You realize you’ve been studying for so long you haven’t left your house all day.


When exams finally come and you feel totally unprepared.


You start to think of extreme methods to pass your exams instead of just actually studying.


Keep your head up, fellow student. I know it’s long and hard, but you will definitely make it through the rest of this semester!



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Studying Abroad in Spain

In this video, Kyle from RCKTSHP Skype’s with his friend, Alex, who’s currently studying culinary arts in Spain. Kyle speaks about the benefits of studying abroad and talks to Alex about how his trip has helped him develop as an individual. Have you ever studied abroad? If so, what was your experience like?


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What it Takes to Become a Lawyer in Canada

If you’ve ever thought about going to to law school or just interested in the process of becoming a lawyer, you should definitely watch this video. We sat down with Corporate Lawyer, Brianna Guenther to talk about how she got to where she is now and all the small steps along the way. Brianna’s diverse educational background includes the following:

  • Georgetown University, Masters of Laws in International Business and Economic Law, (with Distinction), 2014
  • Queen’s University, Juris Doctor (Dean’s Honours List), 2012
  • University of Calgary, Bachelor of Health Sciences (First Class Honours), 2009

In the ten minute video we explore several topics such as the cost of tuition, the requirements to get into law school, the difference between American and Canadian law school, the workload you can expect, how the real world compares to the TV show Suits , and much much more.


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Ad Rodeo and MacLaren McCann Student Advertising Competition for $1,000

AR_avatar_white  rn21xH8y

Ad Rodeo and MacLaren McCann Calgary are looking for students to show off their advertising and marketing skills!

Create a marketing strategy that targets post-secondary students for General Motors and you could win $1,000 and a one week internship at MacLaren McCann Calgary.

Check out all the details and the full agency brief here.  Application deadline is approaching soon, March 31, 2015.

Submit your ideas and digital files via email to



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Why You Should Join a Club at University

Have you ever thought about joining a club at University? There’s a lot of great reasons as to why you should join a club but we thought it’d make sense to ask those who know first hand what the benefits are. It was club day at Mount Royal University so we decided to go around asking avid club members why they think all students should join a club during their time at University. A lot of people said it was something to put on their resume, a way to get experience, or a great way to make new friends. Can’t find a club at your school that interests you? Start your own! Watch the video to hear all the different reasons you should join a club at University!


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The Digital Natives Scholarship for $1,500

What is a Digital Native?  Young people who have grown up in the digital age.  That means you!

Are you tech savvy? Do you have a passion for making your ideas come to life? At RCKTSHP we know that digital know-how is crucial, so we want to recognize students with valuable digital skills and knowledge that are enthusiastic about showing them to the world.

We’re awarding a total of $1,500 to students who can show us how they’ve used their digital skills in an effort to further their career and fuel their passions. The first place award is $1,000.



A bonus $500 will be awarded to a registered Yconic member.


Entering is easy:

Complete the application form:

1. Complete the application form below – In order to be eligible you must subscribe to the RCKTSHP newsletter, which features the latest scholarships, internships, student opportunities, and updates.

2. Provide examples of your digital work by sending us website links to review.  This can be anything from graphic design, logos, product packaging, websites you’ve made, YouTube/Vimeo videos, entrepreneurial ventures – you name it. This must be work that you have created yourself.

3. Support you work with a write-up no longer than 300 words. Describe the work you’ve submitted and explain how you applied your digital skills.

4. Share this scholarship on Facebook or Twitter and tag @RCKTSHP so we know you’ve posted it!

Application deadline: April 30, 2015


Any person who is 16 years of age and older at time of entry, who is a Canadian Resident or International student studying in Canada, on the Contest Closing Date and who is enrolled or will be enrolled in a Canadian High School, or Canadian publicly funded University or College for the 2013-2014 or 2014-2015 school year, excluding any schools located in the province of Quebec.

The work submitted will remain the property of the original owner, however RCKTSHP will have the right to use it for promotional purposes.

View our Full Scholarship Terms



If you have not already, make sure to apply to The Meaning of Family $1000 Scholarship.  

Application Deadline: March 31st, 2015

RCKTSHP $1000 Canadian Scholarship

Application Form



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RCKTSHP $500 Giving Back Scholarship Winner


New scholarship available (Feb 1, 2015):  The Meaning Of Family Scholarship for $1,000

Students care.  

We received an overwhelming number of applications, showing that students do indeed care and give back generously to their communities all across Canada.  We are so proud that your generation is one that is making a big difference.  Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

We have selected the winner of the RCKTSHP Giving Back Scholarship.

Congratulations to student Brooke Arsenault of Carlisle, Ontario!

Brooke is 21 years old from Carlisle Ontario. She is in her 4th and final year at Nipissing University in the Child and Family Studies program.   We asked Brooke where she plans on taking her degree:

Growing up I have always had a passion for children and knew I would want to pursue a career that involved working with them. As I entered university my passion for children and the desire to give back to my community brought my sister and I to develop our own charity event to be able to give back, and involve the youth in our community to do so as well.

Upon graduating from my Masters I want to work in the field of child mental health and hopefully make a positive contribution in the lives of many children and youth in need of support and services!

For the past 3 years, Brooke and her sister Brittany have been organizing and holding the Annual Arsenault Christmas Charity Celebration.  This event fundraises and collects food and toy donations for organizations in their community: City Kidz, Flamborough Food Bank and the Drummond House.

Brittany and Brooke Arsenault

Over 100 toys were collected during the Annual Arsenault Christmas Charity Celebration. The event, organized by Brooke and Brittany Arsenault, provided local youth with the opportunity to help make Christmas a magical event for their peers.


The Annual Arsenault Christmas Charity Celebration was featured in the Flamborough Review, in the article Famborough Youth Give Back.


The Meaning Of Family Scholarship for $1,000


The Meaning Of Family Scholarship for $1000

RCKTSHP’s latest scholarship is now available and entry is easy:  We want to hear what family means to you.

To apply visit:

Deadline to apply is March 31, 2015.

Good luck to everyone on your studies so far, mid-terms are coming up!



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The Meaning of Family $1000 Scholarship

With the majority of Canadians celebrating Family Day in February, our new scholarship is focused on the importance of family. We’re awarding $1,000 to one lucky student who can tell us best what family means to them.

Entering is easy:  Complete the application form at the bottom of this page.

Write your response in the application form below, NOT in the comment section.


1. Complete the application form below – In order to be eligible you must subscribe to the RCKTSHP newsletter, which features new scholarships, internships, exciting student opportunities, and updates. 

2. Tell us in just 300 words what family means to you.  Did you make a website for your family?  If so, please include it and show off your website. 

* Extra points: Go the extra mile and upload a 1-3 minute video to YouTube telling us what family means to you.  Ensure the subject of the video is “What Family Means to Me – RCKTSHP Scholarship”

3. Share this scholarship on Facebook or Twitter and tag @RCKTSHP so we know you’ve posted it!

Application deadline: March 31, 2015


Any person who is 16 years of age and older at time of entry, who is a Canadian Resident or International student studying in Canada, on the Contest Closing Date and who is enrolled or will be enrolled in a Canadian High School, or Canadian publicly funded University or College for the 2013-2014 or 2014-2015 school year, excluding any schools located in the province of Quebec.

View our Full Scholarship Terms

New Scholarship Announcement: After you apply for this scholarship, make sure you check out The Digital Natives $1,500 Scholarship . Simply show us work you’ve done using your digital skills by April 30th, 2015 and enter to win!

Canadian Scholarships RCKTSHP

Application Form



Why you should get a Computer Science degree

In today’s world, programming has become it’s own dialect, and with the current growth of technology, a degree in computer science seems to be just the ticket to land you with a secure, and high paying job right out of university. Unfortunately, enrolment in computer science programs at universities around the country remains below average – the question is why? Companies from all over the world are continuously on a quest for skilled programmers and developers – and they’re willing to pay an incredibly hefty sum to get them.

One of the main reasons individuals have no interest in the computer programming world is because they’ve never been introduced to it. A lot of us grew up with big dreams of becoming firefighters, teachers, or doctors – no little boy or girl aspired to be a computer programmer in the 90’s. It simply wasn’t needed yet. In addition, very rarely are computer programming courses offered at the Junior High or High School level throughout Canada. Even in the rare instances the courses are offered, students must take them as an elective, as they’re never mandatory. To attempt to combat this dilemma, this past October Google announced that they would be donating $1.5 million dollars to the non-profit ACTUA to help Canadian students learn how to code. ACTUA will deliver the computer programming lessons in camps and after school programs to 100,000 school-aged kids across the country over the next 3 years.

Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, emphasizes more focus should be placed on teaching students about computer coding, as there’s already tens of thousands of job openings in Canada alone. “Knowledge workers are the ones getting the raises, they’re the ones getting the jobs, there’s shortages worldwide in all of these fields, so the education system needs to change to produce them.”

The issue in Canada is worse than we think. A study by IBM showed that 1 in 10 Canadian organizations are unable to meet critical IT needs such as mobile, analytics, and social media. The study also showed that by 2016, Canada would be a full 100,000 tech workers short.

This shortage could very well explain how in 2013, graduates of the University of Windsor’s Computer Science program had a 100% job placement. 21-year-old, Chris Drouillard, who is one of the graduates, said he immediately had a six-figure job lined up with Google and received a similar offer from Microsoft. “I’ve always wanted to work at either Google or Microsoft — big companies doing hard things — and then, to be able to get an offer at the age of 21 before I’ve even graduated, is awesome,” he said. Drouillard also said that everyone who graduated from the program ahead of him has landed good jobs and a few of his classmates already have paid internships with major software companies in the U.S.

The demand isn’t just in Canada; the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States predicts the demand for software developers will increase by 30% between 2010 and 2020. Along with the high demand has come companies willing to pay some high wages. In 2014, the average starting salary for computer software engineers in Canada was roughly $75,000. If you get a job in Vancouver that number could go up to $80,983. In a recent study it was also found that the average salary for tech workers in Silicon Valley were $104,195; then again it is the Silicon Valley.

Those kinds of numbers could explain why all of our computer developers and software engineers are leaving Canada. An estimated 350,000 Canadians now live in the Bay Area – a group undoubtedly lured by the good, high-paying tech jobs.

If you’re looking for a secure high paying job, there’s no doubt that a degree in Computer Science is the right choice. With that being said you want to make sure that you’ll actually enjoy going to work everyday. There are plenty of resources online that let you practice the basics of coding and let you discover if it’s right for you.

Here are a few indicators you might enjoy Computer Science…

  • You like problem solving
  • You are patient
  • You have an eye for design
  • You like to continuously learn
  • You are detail orientated

If you think computer science is something that interests you, a good place to start is Code Academy.


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