Dear Future Self Scholarship Winner

After the Dear Future Self Scholarship closed on Jun 30th, we narrowed down the thousands of scholarship applicants to just 10.  Deciding a winner was a difficult decision with all of the awesome submissions we received. Ultimately, there was one creative application that stood out more than any.

Congratulations to our winner Maddison Tebbutt! Make sure to watch her winning video below.

Canadian Scholarship WinnerName: Maddison Tebbutt
School: Penticton Secondary School
Location: Penticton, British Columbia

Message from Maddison:

“Maddy would first like to thank RCKTSHP for awarding her this totally awesome scholarship. Being a complete film nerd, the fact that they even saw her video means so much to her. Since grade nine- when she discovered film- she likes to think that she has gotten a little better at telling her stories, but she plans to keep working at it. She had participated in the 48 hour film festival, known as Zoom Fest, for 4 consecutive years and won in her grade twelve year with a film called ‘La Carte Postale’. With so much encouragement from parents, friends, and the community, Maddy would love to attend film school in the future. “I think the life of a film director is one I would want to live. It sounds adventurous and exhilarating, but at the same time would allow you to work in your pyjamas.”

Born and raised in Penticton B.C, Maddy is excited to shake off the old horrors of high school and welcome the expensive life of a university student; she is attending the University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus) this coming fall and is already planning the theme of her dorm room (beach house theme, for those curious folk).  Once again she thanks RCKTSHP and to all those awesome people who voted for her video! Stay golden, everyone!”

Make sure to check out our other two scholarships currently running. The Young Canadian Scholarship is open until July 31 and The Earn Work Experience Scholarship is open until August 31.


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Alberta Job Grants – How they can benefit you, and your employees

Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks at a round table business meeting in Brantford, Ontario on Friday April 19, 2013. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn


The Canadian government is now offering all private and not-for-profit employers in Alberta, and other Canadian provinces the ability to further train their employees. What skills do employees in the Canadian workplace lack that may make them more qualified? Now, Canadian employers have the ability to get up to 2/3 of the training costs incurred, reimbursed by the government. Whether it be an employee learning a new language required in the workplace, or an employee who simply wants to improve their specific skill set, the Canadian government is now here to help.

This new plan is put in place to help make Canadian employees more qualified for the workplace, and it is made possible by Canada’s new economic action plan. This action plan is funded by the government, and they will disperse 500 million dollars each year to businesses all over Canada.

Here are some specific requirements outlined by the Canadian government that you need to know before applying for a grant:

  • Only new or existing employees are eligible to take part in funded training
  • Only Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or persons protected under the immigration and refugee protection act are entitled to take part
  • The training that is funded by the government must be incremental, which means that this training wouldn’t have taken place already based on the employers requirements
  • Training cannot be a part of apprenticeship technical training programs
  • Training can include e-learning, part-time, full-time, on-site or classroom training, and must result in some form of credential being offered
  • Employers are only allowed to receive a maximum of $300,000 in reimbursements a year

What skills are you lacking that could advance your career? Visit the Government of Canada website today, and see how Canada’s economic action plan can benefit you:


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Dear Future Self Scholarship Finalists

Update: The Winner has been selected, see who won the $500 Dear Future Self Scholarship here.

We recently asked students across Canada to write a letter to their 5 year older self. We were overwhelmed with the amount of inspiring and insightful letters students wrote. There were so many great applications that we decided to showcase the best ten. Take a look at the applications below and let us know in the comments who you believe deserves to win the $500 scholarship.

Finalist 1
Name: Victoria Higgins
School: Fleming College
Location: Peterborough, Ontario


Finalist 2
Name: Alexander LeBlanc
School: Simonds High School
Location: Saint John, New Brunswick


Finalist 3
Name: Karli Soriano
School: University of British Columbia
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia


It’s been a long time since the you that is you was the you that is me. Sitting here, at 12 am, writing a letter.


I wonder if you remember how it feels to pull all nighters for exams and live off of coffee, what it’s like to be a starving student. Because that’s the situation right now, in case you forgot. I hope that you are doing well, that you no longer eat too many instant noodles and that you sleep at a sensible hour.


I suppose I could ask you some questions. I’m curious to know what the future holds. But unfortunately, this is a letter to you. But if you can hear me, you should write a letter to me. Now that would be useful.


I hope you remember what your values are. Where your loyalty lays, and whom you hold in your heart. I hope that you have cut out all that is toxic in your life, whether that entails high fructose corn syrup or people. I hope that you have found a sense of sureness in your abilities. I hope you realized how important it is to stay in touch and that you actually keep in touch.


I hope that you have learnt to accept yourself. Not everyone suffers from mental illness, but I hope that our dream of becoming an advocate for change has flourished. I hope that by the time Time catches up to you, we will no longer shy away from those who suffer. I hope that you have used your experiences with Bipolar Disorder to help others. I hope that all this has brought you joy.

Now You,

Just a few words of advice: keep your chin up, feet planted, and head in the clouds- Always.


You (but with less wrinkles)


Finalist 4
Name: Maddison Tebbutt
School: Penticton Secondary School
Location: Penticton, British Columbia


Finalist 5
Name: Amanda Kurek
School: University of British Columbia
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia


Finalist 6
Name: Courtney Cameron
School: Ryerson University
Location: Toronto, Ontario


Finalist 7
Name: Sally Falk
School: Aurora High School
Location: Aurora, Alberta


Finalist 8
Name: Nadine Schroeder
School: Langara College
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Dear Nadine,

The year is 2020, the year of clear vision. You get that pun right? I assume so, since optimally you’re just as silly today as you were five years ago and all the years before that.

2020. You’re 31 now. Sheesh, that feels old from here, but I bet it’ll sit just right.

I have a few statement I hope you live by:

  1. Take the time to learn the names of the people you meet. Names matter. Don’t forget them. There’s no excuse except laziness for forgetting a name.
  2. Be stingy with unkind words, with judgment, and with grumpiness. Be generous with kindness, with forgiveness, and with encouragement.
  3. Tami Taylor said it right: there’s no weakness in forgiveness. Remember that.

More so than statements to live by, I’ve got plans for you. But maybe you’ll still remember what I know now: plans change. Lives change. Life isn’t meant to be one way. So live it the way it goes. Be okay with that.

As I type this, I know where I think I’ll be. I’m pretty confident of a few things. I know my faith will still be most important, my family will still be my favourite, and a good alley walk will still heal a sad heart.

Love deeply. Truly Nadine, love deeply. Be one known for your love, for your grace, for your kindness, for the way you look people in the eye and give value to their stories.

You’re not better than anybody. You matter and so do they. So does everybody.

So live kind. Always.

I don’t miss you because I don’t know you, but I do love you.




Finalist 9
Name: Chanelle Patterson
School: University of Guelph
Location: Kitchener, Ontario


Finalist 10
Name: Terrence Chan
School: University of Waterloo
Location: St. Catharines, Ontario

Dear my future self.

I will soon let go of the leaf that I have been clinging on to for so long will. It will not be long until my shell breaks and I will be able to stretch my wings.

And so I wonder, where will I be in five years? Where will the winds have taken me? And in which direction will my wings beat?

My story thus far has been bound by tales of hardships and victories. It is so far described with failures and survivals by only the brink. The cool summer breeze is giving me a respite before I return to the fray. My future lies with beginning a new life in a new town with new people.

Do you remember what the world looked like to you at the age of six? It looked like one gigantic playground that was begging to be explored. When you were twelve, it looked like a broken rainbow with its colours leaking everywhere. At the time I am writing this, it looks like a battlefield littered with solemn faces and weary fighters.

The battles I have fought have been tiring. Tell me, have they been worth it? Did you ever find the courage to confront your demons? Have you finally found other warriors that you can trust your life with? Is your world brighter than it is today?

I have no doubt that you will still be breathing when you receive this letter. I just wonder what you will have become.  The fortress I have built stands upon the foundations of my experiences and it houses my values and dreams. After five years, does it still stand? Or have you demolished it to build a new one?

I do not know what challenges you have faced, but I want you to know that I am proud of whatever decisions you have made. I assume you have failed in many of your goals already. However, I can also tell you have succeeded in overcoming many challenges. Always remember to reflect on your mistakes and cherish the memories that bring you joy. Your tenacity in the face of adversity has always been your greatest trait.

May you still stand tall and forever be facing forward. Never give up and always carry on.




Tell us in the comments below who you think deserves to win the $500 scholarship

Reminder: Apply for our latest scholarship worth $500. The Earn Work Experience Scholarship is our easiest scholarship yet! Register for our new marketplace, where we connect students like you, to local employers with paid bite-sized business projects.


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Summer Jobs aren’t a luxury, they are a necessity

In 2015 student unemployment increased by 1.5% nationwide. What does this statistic mean for students in Canada? Rising student loan debt, and an ever growing mound of debt that must be paid off upon graduation. Students are now turning to jobs simply for survival while attending university, and many people on the outside looking in, think that the government should be doing more to help students obtaining a higher education. In the United kingdom only 4 in 10 students feel satisfied with the education they received after the country increased post secondary costs.

Post secondary debt in Canada is sitting at $15 billion dollars, but it is difficult to see where the country is going with budget increases seen at numerous institutions. Governments have seen many people choose to default on their student loans, simply because they are unable to live with the ever mounting debt left by post secondary education. Although there are many problems associated with defaulting on student loans including ruining your credit, and dealing with debt collectors, many feel that in the long run it is worth it.


As prices rise, so to does students expectations from the courses they are taking. Students are seeking an answer to where their money is going, and how price increases are affecting the quality of their studies. This trend is prevalent in universities all over the United Kingdom, and students are voicing their opinion, indicating that in many cases less than 50% of them would take a class again after paying for it, receiving the quality of study that they did.

With costs increasing tenfold at many Canadian institutions, people expect students attending university in Canada to increase their expectations, and expect more from their individual universities, and colleges. Increasing costs in the form of tuition increases, and new fees being implemented, are leaving students eager for work, and more willing to sacrifice quality work experience to make ends meet working jobs they may be overqualified for. Case in point, jobs are now becoming a necessity, rather than a luxury for university students because of increasing tuition costs.

Do you think students are justified in asking more from their institutions based on tuition increases? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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Be Your Own Boss

Freelancing is now one of the most common ways to obtain an income, in many professions. Freelance websites have turned into a hub for millions looking to obtain extra income. Having the ability to work remotely, and still obtain a substantial income is not just a pipe dream for skilled workers in countries all around the globe.

Freelancers have outlined some of the key benefits of freelance work that include:

  • The ability to determine your own hours and workload
  • Large level of independence
  • Obtain added income
  • Open new career options
  • Work remotely from anywhere

awhCbhLqRceCdjcPQUnn_IMG_0249The increased flexibility of a freelancers schedule, and the opportunities presented to freelance workers have been beneficial for people who reside in countries located across the globe.

This beneficial relationship between employer and freelance employee, leave us with the question of where students reside in this work model. It is clear that students, who suffer from busy and often unplanned schedules could benefit from working remotely, on a schedule that they can determine.

Students traditionally work in internship style roles that are facilitated through their educational institution, or obtained through the networks they develop during school. Those students who cannot obtain an internship type role during school may find it hard to work part-time roles that allow them to work flexibility to accommodate their schedules.

With the obvious benefits to a lifestyle of a student, why do so little of them participate on freelance websites, and hubs designed for freelance workers? The answer for the most part is simply competition, because students are competing with those who have more experience, and are willing to work for much less money.

As a student what do you think of freelance sites, and the opportunities they offer students? If you are a student, and you are interested in participating in a freelance website designed with students in mind visit:


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Stalking teens might be a new best business practice

Teens have long been the early adopters for technology, media, and now applications. Businesses are now starting to learn key marketing strategies they can take advantage of from teens. In 2014 it was recorded that just over 300 million people worldwide were using Instagram, making it one of the most popular social media outlets, and overtaking Twitter in user base. Instagram has become ever popular among teens.

New social media applications are moving away from the once common business model of sharing edited content, to applications that allow users to share raw, real time experiences with their followers. Applications like Meerkat and Periscope are taking the app world by storm, and users are loving it!

325Early adopters of these live media applications involve big names like Tony Hawk, Jimmy Kimmel and even American Idol, who have all embraced the ability to share content as it happens with all of their followers. Businesses have also noticed a large influx of teens and young adults using these applications, and have noticed a large opportunity for advertisements, and promotion. Businesses models are soon to be highly influenced by the actions of teens, and teen trends. Are the trends seen among teens, a good indicator of the opportunities in application advertising? Let us know what you think.




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Thoughts from an Intern

Internships can either be the best times of your life, or possibly the worst. Many people will tell you that their happiness at work depends on their ability to make money, yet companies are still contracting students and graduates for unpaid, overworked internships.

20150605_125529At RCKTSHP, management ensures interns are paid, which definitely makes the work experience gained that much better (as you can see). When first entering the workplace as an intern, the horror stories of late nights and numerous coffee runs leave interns with the fear that they may not enjoy their 4 month stay.

When entering the “dragons den” as some might call it, in most cases interns are relatively inexperienced, and lack the knowledge of how an agency, or marketing organization really runs outside of the classroom.

It’s safe to say that being an intern is a real change in scenery, because rather than reading about it, or writing about it, interns are living it! We all wonder if we can really handle the workload, and all the new processes we are expected to learn on a daily basis. Interns are sometimes left with unrealistic expectations, or left confused on why they accepted their internship in the first place.

What did the RCKTSHP interns think on their first day?

(Left from Right)

Kyle– Where am I, and what is expected of me?

Amanda– Intimidated, but exited about what I could do during my internship.

Vanessa– Wait, there is a ping-pong table at work? Free coffee?

Sarah– What can I expect? What does the new work environment offer me, and what is expected of me?

Brody– This isn’t so bad. Everyone seems really nice.

It’s clear that almost all internships are different, paid or unpaid, but in the end, internships are one of the best learning experiences for a student in any discipline. Internships teach you things that you simply can’t learn in a classroom. What do fellow interns think? How did you feel on your first day? Did the compensation during your internship change the outcome of your experience?


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The Young Canadian Scholarship

On July 1st Canada will be turning 148-years-old. To celebrate were going to give away $500 to one young Canadian student.

Entering is easy: Complete the application form:

We’re asking the proudest Canadian students to stand up and tell us why it’s so important to them to be Canadian. The best part about the scholarship? How you apply is entirely up to you.  You can submit a video, a song, an infographic, a short essay, or anything else you can think of. Just have fun and use your imagination.

Here’s an example:

Here are the steps to enter:

1. Complete the application form below – In order to be eligible you must subscribe to the RCKTSHP newsletter, which features new scholarships, internships, exciting student opportunities, and updates.

2. Submit your creative work explaining why you’re proud to be Canadian – This parts up to you, it can be a video, an essay, infographic, song or whatever else you can think of just have fun and be creative! Either write your submission in the application form or leave us a URL to find your work.

3. Comment on this Facebook post – letting us know you’ve entered

Application deadline: July 31st, 2015

Any person who is 16 years of age and older at time of entry, who is a Canadian Resident or International student studying in Canada, on the Contest Closing Date and who is enrolled or will be enrolled in a Canadian High School, or Canadian publicly funded University or College for the 2013-2014 or 2014-2015 school year, excluding any schools located in the province of Quebec.

View our Full Scholarship Terms:

The Young Canadian Application Form


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Do Canadian Universities Really Utilize Co-op Programs?

As students come and go from university, and other higher education institutions, many leave asking themselves if the time spent obtaining higher education was really worth it. Canadian universities have been said to rank “Finding students job’s” as their 8th highest priority as an institution, whereas American universities rank it 4th highest on their priority list. Many students are leaving post secondary with little to no job experience, making it difficult for them to find jobs upon graduation.

David McKay of the Globe and Mail attributes this lack of experience to the performance of many universities co-op education programs. These programs have been in place for many years at some Canadian universities, such as Simon Fraser University who’s celebrating its 40 year co-op education anniversary in 2015. The real question students are left with, is what are their schools co-op programs doing to help them remain competitive in the job market upon graduation?

graduation_cap2 The percent of students taking part in co-op education programs is as low as 12%, leaving many to wonder if it is the students responsibility to take part in these programs, or the educational institutions responsibility to help students become more engaged and help them find employment. For many students co-op education programs offer the only way to obtain their first position out of school, because they lack industry connections and experience.

Many argue that educational institutions aren’t working hard enough with the private sector and businesses to find students quality co-op positions where they have the chance to gain experience and further their search for employment upon graduation.

As students many of us know that finding a job after school may be the least of our worries during midterms, and finals, as we have so much on our plate. Tell us what you think! Do you think students should take the initiative to find their own work experience while attending post secondary education, or should institutions help students in their job search?

If you’re not sure whether or not the co-op program is right for you make sure to check out our video that highlights all the pros and cons of the co-op program.


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Robert De Niro To The NYU School of Arts “Graduates you made it, and you’re f***ed”

Last Friday student were in for a surprise when Robert De Niro was chosen as the honoured speaker at the graduation ceremony for the NYU’s Tisch School of Arts. De Niro opened his speech by being brutally honest to the Art students saying “Tisch graduates, you made it, and, you’re f***ed”. The crowd then erupted into laughter and applause.

De Niro continues to give a harsh but truthful speech to the Art graduates explaining “The graduates from the college of nursing — they all have jobs, The graduates from the college of dentistry — fully employed, The Leonard and Stern school of Business graduates — they’re covered, the proud graduates of the NY school of Law — they’re also covered, and if they’re not who cares? They’re lawyers.” De Niro continues to list off a number of other degrees that would lead to a career with much more job security than an Arts degree. Not only is it a difficult field to get employed in but a recent study by Stats Canada showed that Applied Arts is the worst paying degree.

De Niro says that these graduates didn’t use logic or common sense when choosing their arts degree “You didn’t have that choice did you? You discovered a talent, developed an ambition, and recognized your passion. When you feel that you can’t fight it, you just go with it. When it comes to the arts, passion should always trump common sense”.

No one knows this better than De Niro himself who dropped out of high-school at the age of 16 to pursue his career in acting. “Now that you’ve made your choice — or, rather, succumbed to it — your path is clear. Not easy but clear. You have to keep working. It’s that simple,” said De Niro

Although De Niro says a tough road lays ahead for these graduates he applauds them all for pursuing their passions such as he did and encourages them to keep fighting to create careers in the Arts.

Watch the very entertaining graduation speech below.

Are you pursuing a degree that’s practical and secure or a degree that you’re passionate about?


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